Finally! The first daffodil!

I was starting to think I'd never see it. The bulbs in my garden are telling me that we're about three weeks behind. Normally I'd have had at least a few daffodils in mid-March. Anyway, for all my friends who scored "daffodil" on the flower quiz, here you go. We snapdragons will have to wait until summer.
In other news, I spent last Friday planting the peas, lettuce, radish, and carrots in the potager. One of the nice things about raised beds is that the soil warms up more quickly than in the ground. I was able to plant with minimum mess (as those who know me well can testify, I can't do anything without making a mess). Big Lou sat by my side and supervised, occasionally trying to sashay into the raised bed to get a closer look. 
Next up, plant those tomato seeds I've been talking about for several weeks. 

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Fraudulent Farmgirl
I teach garden and homesteading skills—the stuff your great-grandmother knew how to do. But if there's a faster, cheaper, or easier way to do it, I'll find it!By day, I design earth-friendly gardens for Spotts Garden Service. By night, I don my Wellies to become the Fraudulent Farmgirl. On my small urban homestead, I've ripped out the front lawn to plant vegetables and fruit trees, turned the garage into a chicken coop and grown enough strawberries to feed half the neighborhood.

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