Al’s Back

Long-time readers may remember Al, a possum who occasionally likes to hang around the Fraudulent Farmstead. I thought he had gone to that great marsupial den in the sky, but either Al or one of his relatives is back and making himself at home on my front porch.

And by the way, he's huge. I'm talking Fireswamp ROUS huge. 
I walked onto my porch one night to see Lou sitting on a chair watching Al eat the cat food not three feet away. Today I went out to feed Lou only to find Al curled up in the cat house. 
This has to stop. I mean, I have nothing against possums in general, but I draw the line at spending my hard-earned money to feed them cat food, even if it is the Target brand McDonald's of cat food that's about 90 percent fat.

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Fraudulent Farmgirl
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