The Chicken Coop Caper, part 1

it's a steamy Saturday here at the Fraudulent Farmstead, and as we speak Dan and Mr. Roy are outside working on the run section of the Chicken Palace. I truly can't call it anything else, as the run alone is about 8' x 10', made of treated 4x4s sunk into concrete and corrugated roofing. Or as my boss Terry said upon viewing it, "Damn, Amy, I think that's better built than most of the garages in Irvington."

I spent part of yesterday afternoon digging a trench around the run so that we can sink hardware cloth down about a foot to prevent raccoons and other undesirables from digging their way into the coop. Today, the crew is attaching the hardware cloth to the top half of the run and 2" x 3" fencing to the top (that hardware cloth is expensive stuff), then installing a pedestrian door into the garage so that I will be able to tend the girls without having to use the automatic garage door opener.
It promises to be an interesting day. Updates as they occur!

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