Snow. I’m over it.

We continue to receive a ridiculous amount of the white stuff. At left, no, that's not a weeping cherry. The snow fall was so heavy it snapped the staking line around the standard lilac, which is now bending to the ground. It still faired better than the one on the other side of the path, which is currently at about a 20 degree angle.
With all this snow, I'm spending even more time inside. I continue to plug away at the chore list. I've repainted the accent wall in the living room to be the same apricot color as on the other walls; it's amazing how much brighter that makes the whole room. And then I decided I was tired of the Roman shades in there, so I'm making some simple cafe-curtain-style sheers.

Mr. Dan came over yesterday to help prep for backsplash install. We didn't get to the cement board, but we did buy a new tool: the Dremel Multi-Max. This thing has an oscillating blade, so we were able to cut out the lath close to the cabinets and clean up the cuts to the plaster. Mr. Dan also capped off some very old pipes that we previously sticking out of the wall just enough to mess with creating a smooth plane. And we put up the first of the furring strips that will push the cement board out to the correct depth (see photo at left).
Home improvement is a pain in the ass.

Mr. Dan's coming back in the next day or two to help me finish the furring strips and get the cement board up. Then it will finally be ready for me to tile, which is a whole 'nother excursion into swearing.
Then I'll freshen up the paint on the cabinets. And then, praise the saints, I'll get the new floor in. 
All this work has led me to neglect a few basic household routines. Today I'm attacking the piles oflaundry downstairs.  And at left, Fi reminds me that we need more Diet Coke.

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