Winter White Wreath (or, Pinterest Inspired, Goodwill Sourced)

White wreath red cardinal

When I took the evergreen Christmas wreath down, I wanted something to put up in its place. Fortunately, Pinterest came through again.

During my winter white obsession, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest (you can see my “Frost” board here). While there’s no doubt that a lot of people on Pinterest have way too much time on their hands, (I’m looking at you, people who make tiny gingerbread houses to put on mugs), you can find some great ideas to reproduce.

Goodwill Outlet wreath + white spray paint + package topper = cheap winter wreath.

I ran across this photo from Thistlewood Farm. I liked the idea so much, I set about creating my own. Except the original was actually built from twigs and pinecones especially for the project, which was more work than I wanted to do.

So instead, I found a wreath at the Goodwill Outlet for about 50 cents. With a $4 can of white spray paint, it has the same flavor as the twig wreath, with less labor. The cardinal is a package decoration some store gave me with a purchase like 5 years ago; it’s made several appearances on packages. I used floral wire to attach it to the wreath and more wire to make the hanger.

White wreath red cardinal
Pretty good considering the whole thing was about $4 to make.

My kind of craft: super cheap and easy. Screw those tiny gingerbread houses.

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