Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day February 2016

Leek starts |The Fraudulent Farmgirl

Not a bloom to be seen at the Fraudulent Farmstead. Instead, we have a messy mix of half-melted snow and mud.

I can’t even rely on indoor plants. As much as a couple of ferns would liven up my dining room, it’s not worth the fight. The cats believe that every plant I bring into this house is actually some form of cat salad.

The only bit of green I found was my tray of leeks, happily soaking up the artificial sun in my kitchen.

Leek starts |The Fraudulent Farmgirl

These leek starts (planted about a week ago) are the only green around.

Oh, I take that back. There’s also this brochure that came in the mail the other day.

glasshouse brochure | The Fraudulent Farmgirl

Hartley Botanic glasshouse brochure. Exactly how did these people get my name?

“The Finest Greenhouses Money Can Buy” = “Don’t even bother asking how much. You can’t afford it. No, really. You can’t.”

So Hartley Botanic sending this gorgeously photographed brochure to me is either a terrible failure in their marketing demographics or pure cruelty to a zone 6 gardener.

See what’s blooming in other people’s gardens on this Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens.

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