Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, March 2016

Thanks to our weirdly warm spring, I have more blooming in my garden than usual this Bloom Day.

Fraudulent Farmstead March 15, 2016
Fraudulent Farmstead, March 15, 2016. I used the permaculture technique of ringing my fruit trees with bulbs—a mix of daffodils and alliums (which will make an appearance later).

Normally, the daffodils wouldn’t make an appearance for a couple more weeks, but this year, at least two varieties are already blooming.

'King Alfred' Daffodil | Fraudulent Farmgirl
I planted ‘King Alfred’ daffodils around my fruit trees in the front garden.
Heirloom daffodil | Fraudulent Farmgirl
I have no idea which variety this is. It’s an heirloom from a Smith & Hawken collection I bought when I worked there.

Stalwart crocus comes back yearly, despite the ravenous squirrels who raid my garden. I’m amazed they haven’t found these yet.

Crocus | Fraudulent Farmgirl
I have just a handful of purple crocuses near my front walk.

The star magnolia is so gorgeous as it blooms. From unfurling buds…

Opening Star Magnolia Bloom | Fraudulent Farmgirl

to fully open blooms.

Star Magnolia Bloom | Fraudulent Farmgirl
Beautiful, no? Note the Chicken Palace in the background.

I fear that the predicted return of cold and rainy weather this weekend spells doom for the magnolia blooms. The daffs will likely be fine, but I’ll pick some bouquets in case the weather tramples down all the open ones.

As I was photographing the magnolia, one of our local mafia stopped by to attempt to intimidate me with his beady little eyes.

Squirrel in Magnolia | Fraudulent Farmgirl

Freaking squirrels.

To see what is blooming in other gardens this Bloom Day, see the links at May Dreams Gardens.

Fraudulent Farmgirl
I teach garden and homesteading skills—the stuff your great-grandmother knew how to do. But if there's a faster, cheaper, or easier way to do it, I'll find it!By day, I design earth-friendly gardens for Spotts Garden Service. By night, I don my Wellies to become the Fraudulent Farmgirl. On my small urban homestead, I've ripped out the front lawn to plant vegetables and fruit trees, turned the garage into a chicken coop and grown enough strawberries to feed half the neighborhood.


  1. Lovely! I sowed lettuce/peas/arugula/spinach/radish last weekend, about a week earlier than last year. Got my row covers at the ready, but this has been an early Spring for sure!

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