Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, April 2016

Our crazy warm March was followed by just crazy. A couple of weeks of freezing night temps did in the cherry tree blooms (despite my frantic attempts to cover the tree), but the serviceberry seems to have come through fine.

Serviceberry blooms | Fraudulent Farmgirl

Lord, I love a serviceberry shrub.

The apple blossoms are just starting to unfurl, and fortunately missed the freezes.

Apple blossom | Fraudulent Farmgirl

Apple blossom time!

Most of this month’s blooms are tulips. All of these are varieties I bought when I worked at Smith and Hawken, and before I started making an attempt to record names. So, hello anonymous tulips!

Purple tulips | Fraudulent Farmgirl

These purple tulips are right next to the front walk.

In the front garden, all the bulbs are in shades of yellow and purple, with a little white. It helps keep my front garden from looking like an Easter basket full of jelly beans.

Striped tulips | Fraudulent Farmgirl

Although I have nothing against jelly beans. I like the Starburst ones best.

The back has a few tulips that are much more vibrant in color.

Yellow tulip close up | Fraudulent Farmgirl

“I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.”

And, of course, the dandelions. I leave most of them as food for the bees, and just try to keep them out of the vegetables.

Violets and dandelions | Fraudulent Farmgirl

Even the weeds in my front garden are purple and yellow.

And I love the violets. I don’t understand why so many gardeners treat them like weeds. Compact, tidy foliage; low growing; and those darling purple flowers. What’s not to like?

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