Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, June 2016

'Cherry Profusion' zinnias | Fraudulent

Based on recent hot weather and monsoon-like conditions, my plants probably think they’ve died and gone to Java. But no, it’s just summer in Indiana.

Fraudulent Farmstead 6-15-16
The Fraudulent Farmstead on this June Bloom Day.

I spent the last week clearing 2015’s weed invasion from the back garden. My weapons of choice were the pruner, lopper, and lawn mower; all that’s missing is a spot of rejuvenating fire. But I’ll leave controlled burns to the experts, and also to people whose homes are not located 8 feet away from their neighbors’ houses.

My slash-and-hack did reduce my gardener shame enough that I could take some pictures in the back garden for Bloom Day.

The ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangeas are just starting to bloom in a range of pink to lavender to blue.

Endless Summer hydrangea | Fraudulent Farmgirl
Fewer blooms this year on these ‘Endless Summers.’ Next spring I’ll try cutting them to the ground to rejuvenate them.

The ‘May Night’ salvia is just finishing up its run. I love that intense shade of purple.

'May Night' salvia | Fraudulent Farmgirl
‘May Night’ salvia is a butterfly favorite in my garden.

These geraniums are a sprawling mass, but you can never have too much purple in the garden. I believe this is Geranium ‘Brookside,’ but I planted it so long ago I could certainly be wrong.

Geranium | Fraudulent Farmgirl
Shine on, anonymous geranium. Shine on.

Up front, my early vegetables are doing well, and the front border is glowing with lavender and golden oregano, one of my favorite pairings.

Lavender and golden oregano | Fraudulent Farmgirl
Oregano vulgare ‘Aureum,’ possibly my favorite groundcover EVER.

The chamomile is about done. I had heard that it has an apple-like smell, but I didn’t realize just how apple-y the fragrance is. Delicious.

Chamomile | Fraudulent Farmgirl
It’s the tea pot for you, little chamomile flower!

This ‘Moonshine’ yarrow’s spot is just a little too shady, causing it to reach, longingly, for the afternoon sun. I should probably move it.

'Moonshine' yarrow | Fraudulent Farmgirl
Also called the ‘wise woman’s herb’ or the ‘witch’s herb,’ yarrow is one of those plants I was going to get just based on folklore, no matter WHAT it looked like. Fortunately, it looks pretty cool.

I like to experiment with annuals in the front garden. This year’s choices are ‘Cherry Profusion’ zinnias and ‘Victoria Blue’ annual salvia. I planted them in the front border and in the vegetable garden.

'Cherry Profusion' zinnias | Fraudulent
I don’t know that I’d call that “cherry,” but then, it’s not like flower catalogs know what “blue” is either.

And of course, my beloved oakleaf hydrangea ‘Pee Wee.’ I manage to work an oakleaf hydrangea into nearly all my garden designs, because they are just so cool, and borderline bombproof. They can handle full sun to full shade, and they have wonderfully peeling bark for winter interest.

Oakleaf hydrangea | Fraudulent Farmgirl
‘Pee Wee’ oakleaf hydrangeas grow to 4′, which makes them perfect for just in front of my porch.

To see what’s in bloom in other gardens on this Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, check out May Dreams Gardens.

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